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Safety Tips

What is Letterboxing?

GO and Build a Better World! is based on the outdoor hobby of letterboxing. Hikers once hid letters or postcards in a box along a trail. The next person to find the box would then collect and mail those postcards. Today, people leave a unique stamp and logbook in letterboxes. The finder then stamps their personal logbook and also leaves their own personal stamp, if they have one. Again this year, we are using a unique picture located on a post that you must rub to record your find.

Things to Remember:

Every outdoor activity, including letterboxing, has some risks and dangers. You could get hurt, meet up with wild animals and bugs, and touch poisonous plants. Here are a few reminders as you hunt for landmarks with other GO York! kids this summer:

Finding GO York! Landmarks:

One star = It’s easy. You must walk a short distance on fairly level ground.

Two stars = It’s a little harder. You must either walk a long distance on fairly level ground, or a short distance with some hills.

Three stars = It’s tough. You must walk a long distance with many hills and obstacles.

Distances to all landmarks were measured using a standard smart phone app. All distances are roundtrip, unless otherwise noted, based on following the clues as written from starting point to the post and backtracking to the starting point.


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