Program runs from June 1 to August 18

Hiking Poles

Difficulty: Moderate Moderate

Distance: 1.10 miles

Restrooms: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Stroller Friendly: No

Playground: Yes

Wheelchair Friendly: No

Location: Rocky Ridge County Park – Hidden Laurel Picnic Area

GPS Coordinates

Your Keys to Adventure

  1. Park at the Hidden Laurel parking area.
  2. Start at the bathroom and take the small paved path around the right side of the building. You’ll be walking toward the entrance road where you drove in.
  3. Keep left at the “Y” by the entrance to the parking area. Head toward the main entrance road by the yellow gate. Use the crosswalk to carefully cross the road. Once across, look for the yellow rectangle trail that begins straight ahead of you by the handicap parking spot. Begin following the yellow rectangles.
  4. Two unmarked trails will split off on your right by the pavilion. Keep left to keep following the yellow rectangles.
  5. The trail will parallel the entrance road for a little ways before turning away from it. There will then be a split in the trail with the orange triangle trail. Keep left here to continue on the yellow trail.
  6. Keep following the yellow trail and you will come to a “T” intersection. The orange rectangle trail will start on your right. Turn left here to continue on the yellow rectangles.
  7. Follow the trail as it meanders through the woods and you will come to a wooden bridge that crosses the creek. Just across the bridge, there will be an intersection with the yellow triangle trail. Turn left here to follow the yellow triangles.
  8. The trail will soon come to another bridge with railings. The post can be found by the bridge.
  9. To return to your car, continue following the yellow triangles up the hill. After a short trip up the hill, you will come to an intersection with the teal rectangle trail. Turn left here.
  10. Follow the teal rectangles up the hill. At the top, you will come to the blacktop trail. Turn left here and follow the blacktop all the way back to the handicap parking spot. Once there, turn right and follow the small black top trail back to the bathroom like you did when you first started.

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Hiking Poles


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