Program runs from June 1 to August 18


Difficulty: Moderate Moderate

Distance: 1.90 miles

Restrooms: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

Stroller Friendly: Yes

Playground: No

Wheelchair Friendly: Yes

Location: York City Trails

GPS Coordinates

Your Keys to Adventure

  1. From the Keystone Kidspace parking area, continue on Hamilton Avenue and carefully cross N. George Street.
  2. At the intersection with N. Beaver Street, turn left onto Beaver Street.
  3. Follow Beaver Street past the local shops (Central Market on your left, White Rose on your right).
  4. Continue straight on Beaver Street and cross over Market Street. You will pass Bound Books on your left.
  5. At the next intersection with Beaver and King Streets, turn left onto King Street.
  6. Follow King Street across S. George Street. At the intersection of King and Duke Streets, turn right onto Duke Street.
  7. Follow Duke Street for one block and then turn left onto E. Newton Avenue.
  8. Follow E. Newton Avenue for one block and turn left onto S. Howard Street.
  9. Take in the beauty of Mural Park — there is a lot to see there!
  10. When you’re ready to move on, follow S. Howard Street past Bird is the Word mural on the left and The Bond venue on the right to E. King Street.
  11. Turn right onto E. King Street and follow to the intersection with Queen Street.
  12. Turn left onto Queen Street, then cross Mason Avenue and Market Street. Martin Library is at the intersection of Market and Queen Streets. Find the post by the Children’s Entrance.
  13. To return to the parking area, go back to the front of Martin Library, turn right onto Market Street, and follow this toward George Street. You will pass the Yorktowne hotel on your left. Once you get to George Street, turn right to follow it out of the city.
  14. You will pass the courthouse on your right and the Appell Center on your left. Continue on George Street over the bridge until you reach Keystone Kidspace and the parking area.

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