Program runs from June 1 to August 18


Difficulty: Moderate Moderate

Distance: 1.89 miles

Restrooms: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

Stroller Friendly: Yes

Playground: No

Wheelchair Friendly: Yes

Location: Heritage Rail Trail (Hamilton Avenue – Keystone Kidspace parking area)

GPS Coordinates

Your Keys to Adventure

  1. From parking area cross Hamilton Avenue (look both ways for traffic) walk over to the Love Statue/Sign.
  2. Turn left on the bike lane, walk toward the red gate to enter the Heritage Rail Trail, the creek will be on your right.
  3. You will cross over a bridge, then you will see a North arrow sign going straight. Continue to follow this trail.
  4. You will pass a wood fence on your left; you are getting close.
  5. Continue to follow the trail, looking for the second wood fence on your left, to find the post you seek.
  6. To return to the park area, turn around and go back the way you came.

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Some Breadcrumbs for the Trail!

Your Rubbing Artwork



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